Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Insofar Scholarship Tournament (National Rated) - 30th Sept. 2012


Insofar Chess kembali lagi dengan tournament baru untuk bulan September !

Pelbagai hadiah menarik disediakan sehingga bernilai

  RM 4,000 !!

Sebelum nak join, sila baca syarat2 di bawah terlebih dahulu..
Wajib baca !

Term and conditions 

1. A Player can get BOTH Main Prizes & Scholarship Prizes 
2. Fees:- Cash RM50 or Voucher(RM50). 
              **No RM20 Fees For Sept Tournament 

 New Regulation for Scholarship 

1. Starting September 2012, a Scholarship Holder MUST play in a Scholarship tournament to get the following month scholarship. 
  •  Example:Must play on 30th Sept Tournament to get Oct Scholarship.
  •  Must play in Oct Scholarship Tournament to get Nov Scholarship and so on. 
2. However,if did not play,the scholarship balance WILL NOT BE REDUCED.Those who left Malaysia,will continue to get scholarship. 
3. We hope ALL Scholarship Holders will COOPERATE to make the Scholarship Plan SUCCESSFULL.Players who get 1st and 2nd are allowed to play every month if they want to(not limited to 3 times as before). 

Scholarship will also be given base on number of times attending the Scholarship tournament as follows: 
1. Consecutively 
• Attended 3 times – 5 units x 100 months( RM500)
• Attended 7 times – 10 units x 100 months( RM1000) 
• Attended 12 times – 15 units x 100 months(RM1500) 
2. Not Consecutively 
• Attended 24 times – 55 units x 100 months 
• Attended 36 times – 200 units x 50 months 
• Attended 48 times – 500 units x 30 months 
• Attended 60 times – 1,000 units x 20 months 
Scholarship winner : # Must play minimum once every 3 years in Scholarship Tournament

Da baca syarat2?? 
Tournament akan di adakan seperti berikut:-

DATE : SUNDAY 30th September 2012 
PLACE : DATCC, Wilayah Complex, KL 
TIME : 9.00am – 6.00pm  
Time Control : 25 minutes Swiss 7 Rounds

Registration SMS full name to
Raja Aiza
No walk-in registration will be accepted


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